April 7, 2009

Belly Bump III: Like Woah!

It’s the final stretch – in more ways than one. The little bundle of goodness is due in less than 2 weeks on April 18. And I’m feeling, looking down at bump before me, that I really can’t get any bigger than I am at this exact moment. *pause for effect*

Just before starting this post I looked back to the previous two bumps pictures that I posted on the blog from week 25, and from week 28. For today’s pictures that are posted below I am wearing the same sweater as my first bump picture so it should give you a good point of comparison. Who knows where that black tank top is at the moment.

Since I haven’t posted a bump picture in a while, I should tell you that most of this gain has happened in the last 4 weeks. I – or we – had a big growth spurt. I’ve found myself, walking by reflective surfaces, not recognizing my body. It’s like woah, where did that come from? The belly moves so often and with such intensity that I don’t even feel like it’s mine. Its just my skin on loan to the baby until he or she is ready to give it up.

I’m still pretty compact, mostly gaining in the big ball that is hanging in front of me – and my nose. :) While its looks like I’m carrying high in the pictures, I have actually dropped in the last couple of days - the bump was crowding my rib cage before. I’m still pretty mobile and flexible. I can still touch my toes. I do have to hold my stomach to move from side-to-side in bed.

So check out the pictures… scary huh. Puts whole new meaning to humps and bump. ;)

And kabamm!! The side profile. This is what really tells the story that I am 38 weeks and 3 days. Just so you know I wore this to run errands and grocery shop this afternoon with my black trench, black rain boots and a scarf. (Just so you know the errands included a double cheeseburger.)

XOXOX humps.


verygoodyear on 10:49:00 PM said...

You & the bump both look amazing :] Love the way that shirt fits!

Also, you can touch your toes? As in like... with some funny gymnastic maneuvers?

Damselfly on 10:51:00 PM said...

Wow, you're getting so close now! I hope it all goes great. You look fantastic.

And I'm really laughing at verygoodyear's comment about your toes!

Malinda on 9:27:00 AM said...

hey Humps,

In response to the comment you left for me.... well it can be expensive to find a photographer... its a tricky thing.. you want to find someone who's work you love and at the same time meets the limits in what you're willing to spend on that photographers talents. If you love their work enough you will pay their price.

I charge $180 for a session but give my clients a $50 credit towards print enlargements (ex. $12 (5x7) or $22 (8x10)... but then I also offer canvas wrapped prints and photo books. And I'm up here in Barrie/Orillia not in the metropolis of Toronto.

I love that you do want to capture your little one in those very early days.... there is nothing quite like newborn shots. And it seems that for a lot of new moms with the uncertainty of those first few days... scheduling a photo shoot it just too much to take on.

but I have an idea! I'm sending you a direct message via Twitter.


Execumama on 12:56:00 AM said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! Aaaw, I remember this stage of pregnancy when the anticipation factor is 1 million and rising. You are a compact li'l thing with a belly! I was at least 2 of you with each pregnancy...lol! Happy birthin'...how exciting!!!

humpsNbump on 9:19:00 AM said...

VeryGoodYear -

Thanks for the comment. That sweater, which isn't maternity just a size large, was one of the best investments I made. Atleast I can wear it again next fall. :)

I'll have to do a video post of me touching my toes. That will be a big hit! LOL

~ humps

humpsNbump on 9:20:00 AM said...

Damselfly -

So glad that you came by the blog. It's been a while!! Thanks for the comment. It's really hard to feel good about your body when you're this big.

~ humps

humpsNbump on 9:22:00 AM said...

Execumama -

Thanks for dropping by the blog! :) You are sooo right about the anticipation factor at 1 million. On one hand we can't believe that it has happened so quickly but on the other hand we can't wait to meet the baby.

~ humps

C on 10:21:00 PM said...

You look FANTASTIC!!!

So excited for you guys! The bump is adorable and I cannot wait to see your adorable baby! The countdown has begun!!

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