February 3, 2009

Fast Food Regret

I never should have had that double cheeseburger from McDonald's yesterday. Ok, ok I had TWO double cheeseburgers. I justified that because two burgers are basically the same amount of calories as a whole meal but CHEAPER. It was the fiscally responsible choice. But still, I never should have had those double cheeseburgerS.

The double cheeseburgerS from McDonald's were so good that I can't stop thinking about them. I really, really want another one, maybe two. However, I cannot live with myself if I have McDonald's two days in a row. Pregnant or not.

But the double cheeseburger was so delicious - so soft and cheesy, with the little salty pickles. It melts in your mouth when you eat it. There is definitely some sort of drug that they sprinkle on top to make you crave them, think about the next time you can have another. I feel like this must be some sort of chemical reaction.

Oh my gosh. I have to get another double cheeseburger right now. I'll just eat it in the car and not tell anyone. I'll throw away the evidence in the underground parking lot. No one needs to know that I had double cheeseburgers for two days in a row. I'll go to the gym when I get home and work it off. And I'm pregnant damn it. I should have as many double cheeseburgers as I want!! That's it. Settled. I am getting another double cheeseburger, or two.

Calories = 430

Fat = 22g

Cholesterol = 75 mg

Eatting it = ALL WORTH WHILE!


Anonymous said...

I don't even eat beef and you just made me want a double cheeseburger.

Kara on 10:59:00 PM said...

Oh, I LOVE the double cheeseburger. I got addicted when they were on the dollar menu; now I think it's $1.19 but still worth it. The small fries are still on the dollar menu. :)

C on 10:10:00 PM said...

This post just made me smile! :)

Wish I were still in TO so we could go for a bite!

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