August 29, 2008

The prego fashion police

Last week I was in Indianapolis with the BF. We both had some things to handle there and it was nice to be able to sit down and talk about everything it's happening in our lives. More on that in another post. I first, need to explain a bit of a revelation…

I was sitting in the Indianapolis Gardens reading a book. It was a Friday afternoon and quiet. Apart from a few couples I am virtually alone to be cocooned by the rhythmic sound of a central waterfall and a few chirping birds. Off in the distance was a young couple around my age taking pictures. I noticed the girl as a blot of baby blue in the distance and thought how cute of them to be enjoying this together. But wait!! I stumble for my glasses…

Is that girl… is she… can’t be! Is she wearing overalls?!?! Perhaps it is misguided pregnancy attire. I’ve seen that before. I try to get a better look.

Pregnant or not, I am a jury of one that has proclaimed that unless you haul wheat, there is no excuse to leave the house – in a metropolitan city, taking pictures of yourself no less – in overalls. I place hand over chest and solemnly vow never to wear overalls, prenatal or post. I believe as a nation we have surely gotten past maternity overalls. If not, it is a time for change.

Two lines on a stick

The first post in this blog and what can I say. I’m having a baby.

This information is so new that only two living souls know the dirt - my BF and BFF - and I’m still trying to digest it myself. There are so many things that before now I didn’t know that I KNEW to be concerned about for still tadpole like creation, my shocked into a waking coma BF and scared to death me. According to my calculations I am 4, maybe 5 weeks prego and two weeks terrified.

And what do I do under extreme stress situations? Research! It’s the Capricorn in me. In the course of the last 2 weeks my internet search engine has been on fire. Things that I NEED TO KNOW:
- Ovulation calendars
- Home pregnancy tests
- Pregnancy symptoms
- Exercising while pregnant
- What to eat and not to eat
- Prenatal vitamins
- Health concerns
- What’s happening in first trimester
- Gaining weight
- First doctor’s visit
- Things you need for baby
- Nursery and baby shower designs
- Stroller reviews
- Crib reviews
- Maternity clothes
- Telling friends, family, work!

Premature research, maybe. Necessary information, absolutely.

So continue to read this blog. I promise to be open, honest, to say the things that maybe you were thinking, and share my almost minute-by-minute revelations. I am 25 years old, in love but unmarried and having a baby! OMG!!!
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