December 30, 2010

Homing from Work

I am a full time working mom. Both full time mom-ing and full time work-ing. And today I have been, similar to many days in the last few months, writing blog posts in my mind. Writing blog post in my mind is not quite as fulfilling as chair dancing but it's surprisingly efficient.

I can write blog posts in my mind while taking a shower, getting BABY ready for daycare, commuting. I can write blog posts in my mind during status meetings and presentations. I can write blog posts in my mind while grocery shopping, cleaning and cooking. My best blog posts in my mind are crafted during those hazy moments before I go I settle into REM sleep or just between snooze one and snooze two in the morning.

Just this past week I have dreamt up engaging blog posts about the holiday, love and marriage, a recent visit to Florida for a family member's funeral, the second Christmas for BABY, Kwanzaa, a year in review, New Years Resolutions, why I need a vacation. And today, I thought of a couple more blog posts as I rolled into the office. Yes, I am one of the few brave souls that is working today. (It seemed like a good idea at the time).

As one of the brave souls holding down the fort at our office this week, I had to physically be here. Since my daughter has a doctor's appointment this afternoon I thought it would be easier if I brought her to the office with me. Afterall, I'm one of the only ones here anyway. Her doctor is close to my office. And, there's no way I can leave her, pick her up from daycare and make the appointment in time. Bringing a toddler to the office is something that I must blog about - outloud that is.

How has my day been so far? Well...

9:05 am - Arrive at office.

9:13 am - Bang funnybone on desk trying to unload huge purse with laptop, gym bag with BABY gear, one toddler in full winter gear. Try not to drop toddler in full winter gear.

9:16 am - Greet Vice President as she pass your office and laughs out loud at the hilarity. Turn on computer so that you can look at least partially productive.

9:18 am - Set up BABY in chair beside desk with paper and crayons.

9:21 am - Remove crayons that BABY is now trying to eat. Replace with Playdough, cookie cutters and other plastic tools.

9:22 am - Empty gym bag of all toys in hopes that something will catch her attention. Realize that the usual suspects - those loud toys with the lights and songs and silly phrases do not compare to a brand new, never been drolled on - well maybe a couple times - office.

9:29 am - Create fort using office chairs, toys, stacks of books, aforementioned toddler winter gear.

9:33 am - Break out the snacks!!

9:35 am - Clean up ground Cheerios, Goldfish and Blueberries from Carpet.

9:45 am - Allow toddler to play with phone, keyboard, pens, calculator. Hope that this can hold attention for the next seven hours.

9:55 am - Realize that not even an hour has passed.

9:56 am - Visit coworkers around the office. Allow toddler to run down hallways. Hope this feel mean an early naptime.

10:21 am - Try to talk unsuspecting coworker into babysitting for a few minutes. Or hours. Doesn't work.

10:38 am - Find other office supplies that can double as toddler play things.

10:41 am - Snacks? Anything left? Snacks!

10:51 am - Reintroduce toys. Look at your own toy laptop and cellphone!

11:37 am - Lunch time!

11:59 pm - Regret bringing lunch that is sooo messy.

12:00 pm - Turn off lights in office, put in lullaby CD and pray.

12:29 pm - Put BABY into stroller to sleep beside desk.

12:31 pm - Begin blog post and importantly countdown to quiting time in my mind.

Let's see how the rest of the day shapes up.

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