January 8, 2009

Belly Bump I: Just When U Thought I Was Kidding

With sweaty palms and heart palpations I release to the world my very first baby bump pictures. I have no idea why I am so nervous about this! Maybe it’s because I have been able to confide in this blog with relative anonymity and this will be a new blogging direction that I have never taken before. You will now have a face for the seemingly uncontrollable blog rants that come from HumpsNBump. Maybe it’s because I am actually displaying my expanding girth to the whole Internet. It’s not fun getting bigger by the second – not just the belly but arms, hands, face, thighs, butt – to even your circle of friends, family and acquaintance. Why not open the scrutiny to the world? Or maybe because once I take this step there is no turning back.

And you thought I was just procrastinating.

I’m a Capricorn. We analyze things to death. It’s not me, it’s in the stars. But after much internal debate, I think I’m ready to do this.

With no further ado, I present to you, “Belly Bump I: Just When U Thought I Was Kidding”. This is in tribute to the many friends and family that saw the new bump for the first time this past holiday season - since it only really started to fill out in late November/ December.

Saturday - Week 25... thought the tight tank top and skinny jeans would really show you what I'm working wit!

This morning - Week 25, Day 5... a more realistic view of what I really would like if you saw me on the street. Took this picture before leaving for work, wet hair and all.

I will continue to post bump pictures – hopefully every two weeks or so. I know that there will be some big gains in the next 10 weeks. We’re in the final stretch people. 15 weeks – or 3 ½ months to go!!

Your pregnant friend
~ humps


Anonymous said...

You & your bump are gorgeous! I can't wait for the next set of pictures to show us how baby is growing :] How are you feeling?

Malinda on 2:47:00 PM said...

beautiful! you love amazing! :-)

Ms. Core on 4:33:00 PM said...

I am with you! Gaining the weight is hard but you are lookin great. Plus remember it's only temporary.

I think it gets more fun when everyone can assume you are pregnant.

And I think I liked my 26 week bump the best, after that it stopped being cute and became massive and overwhelming. Enjoy it though you will be at the end (or close to) before you even know it.

humpsNbump on 2:08:00 PM said...

Thanks so much everyone for being so encouraging! The great news is that I'm feeling fantastic. Apart from the water retension impacting my carpal tunnel wrists, and tiredness, I feel great. I know that the weight gain is all for a good cause. It’s exciting to feel the baby’s kicks getting stronger and stronger.

I will try to keep up on the bump pictures. I’d love to look back at them once the baby is here.

~ humps

humpsNbump on 2:18:00 PM said...

Ms. Core –

I think you’re absolutely right about the (emotional) change when people can assume you’re pregnant. For the past six months I haven’t really had any response from strangers. Typically when I’m out, I have so many layers that it’s hard to tell. The baby bump looks more like I've had one too many burritos!

I had my first stranger acknowledgement at a book store in the lobby of a hospital after Christmas. The hospital has one of the best maternity wards in Toronto, so I’m sure the book store gets a pregnant woman by the hour. I wasn’t wearing a coat or too many extra layers. But the comment was a small victory.

~ humps

Damselfly on 4:49:00 PM said...

You look great! I think when you're pregnant, you always feel bigger than you are. :)

darkfairymomma on 8:33:00 PM said...

you are rocking the bump! you look great (although i'm sure you don't always feel great)

Mrs. Mogul on 9:39:00 PM said...

Yes this is the good time when the bump is not that big that you still can do things. Once you hit 8 months yikes! You'll just want to lay around a lot! CONGRATS on your pregnancy!

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