November 26, 2009

Lootbags are for Losers

Friend: So, are you going to have a first birthday party for BABY?

Me: Yeah... I guess so....

Friend: You haven't thought about it?!

Me: Well she's BARELY seven months old. I wasn't thinking that far ahead.

Friend: Her birthday is in April. So after the holidays, you only have a few months. It will
catch up to you before you know it.

Me: (blink, blink)

Friend: So you should really think about it.

Me: Right. I should...

I will probably do something to mark the occasion that is my daughter's first birthday in the Spring. But at what point did planning a child's party turn into planning a wedding? Am I completely naive about how these things work? Is there something that I am missing here?

The scary part is that I have just right amount of mommy guilt to actually want a kick ass birthday - you know, to make up for other things. And, I love a good party as much as the next person.

Apart of the issue is that my idea of a good child's birthday is a grocery store cake and dollar store loot bags. Is that what people are doing nowadays? Do I need to step my game up? Are we talking petting zoo, inflatables, a variety of children-themed entertainment? Are we talking Super Sweet Sixteen portions here? Do I need to get on the phone with Beyonce?

My friend's little talk did the job. I am now thinking about it.



Tatiana on 8:35:00 PM said...

You sound like me! I am kinda like "eh, we'll get people together, have some cupcakes" and my sister in law has been saying for months NUH UH, WE ARE MAKING THIS INTO SHENANIGANS! She wants a themed party, wants Grandma to fly up from Florida, etc etc...!

I'm sure we'll have a little family get-together, and I'll get her a pretty, frilly dress, but I probably won't worry about anything more than that.

humpsNbump on 10:31:00 PM said...

Tatiana - Hoping that you write about Maia's birthday on your blog. Since your daughter's is before mine, I could use all the advice I can get. I'm already feeling overwhelmed by the thought of planning something.

~ humps

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