December 2, 2009

It's Not Nice to Laugh At Others

My friend C over at Random Thoughts and Musings From The Island just published a post - a tribute of sorts - to People of WalMart. While I could draw on my extensive vocabulary of adjectives for this one, a picture is worth a thousand words, and there are a few interesting pictures on her blog. On a more disturbing note, there are a ton of pictures on the People of WalMart website. An alarming number of pictures in fact. I would like to think that some of the events captured are isolated incidents but based on the sheer volume of pictures, I don't think so.

Both C and I would like to teach our daughters that it is never okay to make fun of others, or laugh at their expense. But frankly, these People of WalMart are making it really hard to parent now-adays. Seriously, ya'll!

So for the good of all shoppers, young and old, I put together some rules. The Top 5 Things That You Should Remember Before Visiting WalMart (So That I Don't Have to Explain Who You Are and What You're Doing To My Daughter):

5. Remember that you just can't pull it off, before heading to WalMart.

4. Remember, to wear pants to WalMart.

3. Remember, to wear pants that fit you to WalMart.

2. Remember that the thong song was not written for you, before heading to WalMart.

1. Remember there's somethings that we just don't want to know, before you get to WalMart.

~ humps


C on 8:25:00 PM said...

LOL! Love this post! xo

humpsNbump on 10:32:00 PM said...

C - You inspired me. Love ya!

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