May 17, 2009

Ode to Breastfeeding

I have a number of friends that chose to formula feed their little ones for a variety of reasons. I myself, have just proclaimed that I love breastfeeding. Yes. I said it. I. Love. Breastfeeding.

Not for all the reasons that they mention in the baby books. Not because of the incredible bonding that Baby and I have when she's nursing. Not because of the added nutritional value of mother's milk. While those are all well and good, I love breastfeeding for the convenience. I love breastfeeding because I am LAZY.

When Baby cries that very special cry that means, "I want food NOW" there is nothing better than just pulling out a boob to feed. I just have to unbutton my shirt - if that!! We don't worry about bottle sterilizing, formula mixing, milk heating. With the learning curve of breastfeeding, I overcame latch issues, cracking and bleeding nipples, tons of lanolin cream to nurse. It wasn't easy. But to all the mother's out there I have to tell you to stick with it. It's like a small victory when Baby and I sit down to feed.

So much so that I wanted to write an "Ode to Breastfeeding". I thought at first this tribute should be in the form of a poem. But my poetry experience is limited. It would have started with, "There's once was a girl from Nantucket..." So I decided to write a song instead. I hope you enjoy it.

In the rhythm of Single Ladies by Beyonce....

All the savvy mommies, all the savvy mommies
All the happy mommies, all the happy mommies
All the lazy mommies, all the lazy mommies

Now put your hands up if
It's late at night, have sleep in sight
And a baby that just dozed off
Climbing into bed, to rest your head
But the baby is starting to wail!
Don't pay it any attention
Pull it out your boob, there's some good food
And your baby's quiet in no time.

[Chorus] Cuz if you're lazy than you shoulda stuck with breastfeeding
If you're lazy than you shoulda stuck with breastfeeding
Don't be mad cus I'm chillin when the baby's eating
If you're lazy than you shoulda stuck with breastfeeding.

wo oh ooh oh oh ooh oh oh ooh oh oh oh
wo oh ooh oh oh ooh oh oh ooh oh oh oh


Tatiana @ averygoodyear on 10:24:00 PM said...

hahaha! love it. & isn't it funny how all the sudden now you just refer to your breasts as "boob"? I ask Maia, "You want some boob?" "Time for boob!"

Kara on 12:08:00 AM said...

Yes! My son is 15 months, and I'm still breastfeeding, which I never would have believed, had you told me that before he was born. I'm working towards weaning, but am also lazy, in that now that he's so active, I'm thrilled when he wants to nurse because it means I get to sit down for awhile and not have to be the entertainer. :) Fabulous song, by the way!

Tara on 9:28:00 PM said...

Haha! I love that song!


And yes, breastfeeding (once you get pass the first few weeks) is for lazy people, ESPECIALLY at night. Man, I wouldn't even open my eyes, just roll over, plop a boob in their mouth and everyone's happy!

Welcome to the club!

Ms.Core on 12:05:00 PM said...

Sing it sister (literally)!! I am with you all the way. B-feeding is the way to go for all the reasons you listed and then some. Formula is for the birds!

Malinda on 11:38:00 AM said...

lol that song will never be the same again... love it!

Thank you for the wonderful post about our photo session :-)

Anonymous on 4:48:00 PM said...

LOVE THE SONG!.....Now I'll think of you and Beyonce everytime I nurse my son...LOL!!
I'm glad that I stumbled onto your blog. Beautiful baby...enjoy her....they grow much too fast!

Justice Jonesie on 10:55:00 AM said...

I can't agree more!! I think it's so encouraging to all new moms to read posts like this. Keep up the good work!!

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