December 4, 2009

The Magic of Bubbles

There is something magical about watching a little baby grow up before your eyes. All of their little achievements, adventures and discoveries. Some call them milestones. I call them miracles. From a little thing who couldn't even hold her head up, I now have a person in front of me who cruises around the room, takes a book of the shelf and sits down to play with it, finds toys from the basket and takes it with her along her journey across the living room, tests the limits and strength of her legs all day, everyday.

She's just seven months yo and she blows me away. All. The. Time.

But a few nights ago, while we were doing the usual bedtime routine - bath, book, boob, bed - I saw the world through her eyes for a moment. I saw her discover bubbles. I saw her reach down into the soapy water and chase delicate bubbles with her tiny fingers. She moved in slow motion. She was gentle. She touched them. They popped.

This was not a true bubble bath full of frothy, hearty, can't escape them because they are everywhere bubbles. This was pretty much a basin of water with a few stragglers. The bubbles where the kind that fall off of the curve of babies' backs, land in expanses of water, and fight the long hard fight to stay around. They are small but mighty. And my small but mighty baby went after the few little ones that were there. She wanted to take those bubbles with her through her journey. And I got it. I want to take those bubbles too.

Having a baby, seeing the world through their eyes, is amazing. It's magic.

~ humps


Tatiana on 12:09:00 PM said...

Beautiful. Babies are absolutely wonderful little things and sometimes I wish I could look at the world the way they do again.

Nena on 12:32:00 PM said...

Enjoy every single moment of it. It goes sooo fast and then it gone. Something else - never this little again. Great post. Enjoy all of it.

humpsNbump on 10:47:00 PM said...

Tatiana & Nena - Thanks for the comment. You are both so right. Babies are wonderful. And it goes so fast.

~ humps

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