September 22, 2009

Worth a Thousand Words

BABY trying out her highchair for the first time. Just before 5 months, was maybe a bit too early. She is clearly giving me a look here that says, "What the hell are you thinking mommy??!!"


Tatiana on 8:44:00 PM said...


What a face! She is so adorable (AND GROWING SO FAST, holy moly).

C on 11:16:00 PM said...

LOL! You've gotta love the expressions babies give their mamas when they aren't too sure of something!

This morning, I gave Little One some pureed peaches and I think they were a bit tart because she puckered up her lips, her body shivered, and she had the funniest expression ever! Wish I had that on video!

I LOVE BABY!! She is such a shining star! ;) She's growing so fast, my friend!! Hope to catch up with you soonish. When's a good time to reach you?

ck on 9:09:00 PM said...

What great faces!

(And enjoy the cleanness of that highchair now. I only wish mine looked like that.)

Crunchy Carpets on 11:28:00 PM said...

LMAO..she is really trying to say you are losing your freaking mind!!!

humpsNbump on 11:25:00 PM said...

Thanks so much for the comments everyone. I had lots of family and friends say that BABY is so expressive. She really knows how to work those eyebrows.

I'm just glad that I could catch some of it on camera. :)

~ humps

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