September 25, 2009

Will Work for Flights

The last couple of days I have been doing more blog reading than blog writing. I love discovering interesting people, websites and blogs through Twitter. Recently I have been paying as much attention to the design, sidebar elements and bios as the content on blogs. Mainly because I want to rework my blog soon - you know, when I get the time. ;)

But anyway, I was visiting the blog of someone* who I have followed on Twitter for a while. This mom does a ton of giveaways and reviews. On her Contact Us page was this:

"We love to share travel stories with our readers and frequently visit new destinations as a family. If you would like me and my family to visit your destination, I would be happy to share my travel experience with a large audience. You can learn more about some of our family travel by browsing through my travel posts."

I almost choked on my lemonade.

Are you serious? The first thing I thought was why am I wasting my time with the baby pictures when I should be writing travel posts?!! I love sharing travel stories as much as the next person. :)

For all of my friends out there I wonder, is your blog allowing you to review products and make ad money? Or, is it simply a creative outlet? Does either option work for you and why?

*I have not included the name to protect the innocent. Feel free to hit me up on Twitter @humpsNbump. We can be friends!


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