April 18, 2009

What's Your Sign??

My due date is tomorrow April 18th. I know that the likelihood of delivering on my exact due date is slim - less than 10%. I’m also not really seeing any of the early labor signs, so we may be waiting for a while...

In the meantime, I flock to the internet to look at some entertaining horoscopes. While I’m not too much of an astrology fanatic, I think that it can have some on personality. And if not, it’s a lot of fun.

When Dad-to-be and I calculated our due date originally we were excited about the possibility of having an Aries baby. He is an Aries, born at the beginning of April. Also my mom is an Aries, born at the end of March. There are a lot of March / April people around me. I think that I’ve learned to deal with the unique personality of the Ram.

But the Aries sign is said to be from March 21st to April 20th. We’re sitting right at the cusp between Aries and Taurus. So having the baby next week puts us in a new category. Of course, I had to do a little bit of research.

Here’s a short overview of the two signs from Australian website Allbaby:

Aries: March 21st – April 20th
Symbol: The Ram
Ruling Planet: Mars (God of War)
Element: Fire
Gemstone: Diamond
Colour: Deep Red
Personality & Characteristics of your Baby Aries:
Those born under the sign of Aries are determined, strong willed and have all the signs of becoming a great leader. They are full of energy and love to be active, generally doing everything with lots of enthusiasm. They are loving and affectionate and can be a source of inspiration to those around them. They are often early developers and love to learn through imaginative play. Aries can be competitive, stubborn and impatient and when challenged will stand their ground very firmly.

Taurus: April 21st – May 21st
Symbol: The Bull
Ruling Planet: Venus (Roman God of Love)
Element: Earth
Gemstone: Topaz
Colour: Yellow
Personality & Characteristics of your Baby Taurus:
Those born under the sign of Taurus are generous yet determined and strong willed. They tend to think about things before they say them, coming across as conservative; don’t be fooled they can be very persistent and headstrong when needed. They are quiet and gentle and can be very clingy. They are often late developers, happy to sit and take in the world around them. A Taurus baby will be musical with many talents in different areas, especially creative ones.

With the baby really “chilling” in my body right now, being quite conservative with labor and being very clingy, I think he or she is displaying some signs of being a Taurus baby. I guess the next few days will tell.

For more baby horoscopes you can check out:
- Parents.com
- BabyZone.com
- Justhoroscopes.com (check out the Baby drop down on the right side)


Malinda on 10:13:00 AM said...

I'm a Taurus (23) but I never thought to ask my mom what her actual due date was.

I hope you're getting lots of rest!!!

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