April 18, 2009


"An amazing 75 per cent of babies are born after their due dates, so don't panic if you're still waiting. Though it may seem as if your baby is stubbornly refusing to leave your cosy womb, a few studies have found that most overdue babies aren't late at all — their due dates were miscalculated."

Thank you BabyCenter.ca.


darkfairymomma on 1:27:00 PM said...

all 3 of my kids were late by at least a week. the last appointment i had had before each of them were born, the doctors (and midwife with the last) had all mentioned that we might have to induce if i didn't have them by the next week. they were comfy and just weren't ready to come out yet :)

Sarah @ BecomingSarah.com on 2:39:00 PM said...

Good luck with the waiting =)

My sibs and I were all ten to fourteen days late and we turned out alright. I'm sure you'll be fine =)

Anonymous said...

when I saw you comment on my blog today I was like "shit, I guess she's not in labour"! Soooooon! I can't wait to find out baby's gender :)

C on 8:58:00 PM said...

Such an interesting post...and so true too. Although, you know that with Little One, she was born earlier than her due date. Ummmm...12 WEEKS EARLIER!!! Gah.

Hey, I saw your comment on my blog today and thought, "OMG! She's not in labour yet!" I was thinking of you today...wondering if you had the baby or if you were in hospital yet. Eagerly awaiting news of whether your little one is a bambino or a bambina! So excited for you.


Musings of the Mrs. on 1:36:00 AM said...

Good luck! You are about to be a mommy blogger. I hope your baby comes soon!

humpsNbump on 4:08:00 PM said...

Thanks so much for your comments everyone. As an update, my contractions started to get more consistent on Sunday - around 5 minutes apart - but they were still pretty mild. We went to the hospital but they sent us home. I was't far enough.

Hopefully the baby will come this week. We'll just have to wait and see. :)

Really appreciate all of you who follow this blog. I love you!

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