April 16, 2009

My Makeover

Well now that I’m off work and waiting for the baby to arrive, I have a ton of time on my hands. Most of my day is spent sitting on my ass and rubbing my belly – trying to determine if the “contractions” that I’m feeling are getting any stronger. I say “contractions” because I’m not even sure at this point if that’s what they are.

In addition to wandering around the condo, I have also had a lot more time to brush up on my baby books, surf the net and visit blogs. I’ve come to the realization that my blog was seriously lacking design-wise. I was still sporting my original Blogger template.

If you’ve dropped by Humps and Baby Bump over the last 24 hours, you may have seen a few different layouts that I’ve been trying on for size. Like any outfit, you just can’t tell if it’s bringing out your positives until you get it into the change room.

This template that I’m rocking now is my favourite. I downloaded for FREE from Deluxe Templates. You know this mommy is on a budget! Although it’s a lot darker than my previous layout, there’s lots of great options that I have with it. I love that it’s a simple design, I can replace my Humps and Baby Bump header with a unique image once I get that far, and there’s room to grow with sub-pages. Lots of space automatically built in for advertising if I ever decide to turn the Google AdSense on. It’s also the best one that I found to incorporate the sidebar elements that I become attached to on my previous layout. Surprisingly not all layouts make that easy.

Now the most important part – what do you guys think? I still have to work out some bugs, which are directly related to how much I suck on the HTML stuff but with that in mind, is the layout a keeper??

~ humps


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