February 9, 2009

Too Tired to Blog?

I realize that I have been a very bad blogger. Going almost a full week without a new post is terrible.

I have the best of intentions but this past week it didn't materialize. This is how it goes - I log onto Blogger, come to Humps And Baby Bump with the hopes of putting in a new post, of saying what's on my mind. Before I even put fingers to keyboard I think about what I want to say, and it turns into a much longer thought, and then it makes me tired just thinking about writing it. And then I think that I'll never finish it. I'm exhausted before the post is even started.

So instead, I go through my blog reel and check out my other favourite blogs. The procrastination thickens. I shut down the computer and resolve to get more sleep. That's definitely the problem. If I got more sleep I would be more energized and write more posts. And therefore I would be a better blogger. Sleep.

We'll see how that plays out next week.

How do all of you keep your energy up to keep blogging? Any tips?

Your friend, who yes, still blogs.
~ humps


Tara on 5:29:00 PM said...

You gotta think of your loyal readers, who, day after day, log in eagerly anticipating your posts! And they need updates! LOL.


Pamela on 10:56:00 AM said...

LOL! Yes, loyal readers do encourage more writing, but right now, being pregnant, everything seems to take so much more work. I hear ya about wanting to post more, getting lost in your thoughts, and then...nothing. Just keep at it...good advice I need to take as well!

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