December 16, 2008

Update on 'Crap'

Yes, I have kept away for the last week or so because I did indeed have a cold. The sick feeling that I started to write in my last post materialized, despite the Vitamin C, hot water and honey, lemon, and gargling with salt water. I tried my most loved pantry remedies, to no avail. I was sick. And there's not much you can do about it when you're pregos I've learned. Other than wait for it to run it's course. Not so fun week.

And having to spend a whole lot of time at the computer last week writing, re-writing and re-writing presentations has given me some wicked Pregnancy Carpal Tunnel in my right hand. Given that I'm at a desk all day, I'm sure it was inevitable, but damn. It's the kind of pain that keeps you up at night, the kind of hurt that forces you to hold cups with the other hand and kind of strain that has you screeching when you move it just slightly (I caught a closing door in my underground parking garage this morning and I swear my moans were echoing).

I got into work today and ordered padding for my keyboard and mouse. Heading over the drugstore this afternoon for one of those braces. The pain is getting worse, not better.

But if this is all that I can complain about - a head cold and sore wrist - than I'm doing pretty good. Baby is fantastic (more on that in another post) and everything is going well.

Week 22.


Ms. Core on 2:18:00 PM said...

Oh the beloved Pregnancy Carpal Tunnel. I so feel your pain. For me it has been intermittent though and after some rest it gets better for a while. Then worse again..Tatiana has a post where several veteran preggos give some advice you could look at. I didn't find relief in braces but they have helped some so it is worth a try.

And being sick while pregnant, yes perhaps the most exhausting thing I have yet experienced and it was just a little head cold. Glad you are feeling better and best of luck with the wrists....

LittleMissFabulous on 1:55:00 PM said...

The dreaded Pregnancy Carpel Tunnel! One of the many pains of pregginess! There are some braces available in Shopper's that helped me. My physio suggested to also take more breaks and not to keep your hands on the keyboard when you're not typing.

And as for the cold,it sucks being preggers and sick. My friend recommened mamaluv, which delivers preggy-friendly nutritious meals (some veggies):

I tried them when my hubby was away and was sick and didn't feel like cooking.

Feel better!

humpsNbump on 4:31:00 PM said...

Ms. Core -

Thanks so much for the comment. The wrists have their good times and their bad. I'm still figuring the best way to work with the splints - I try to wear them at night and during my drive to and from work for some relief. It is helping.

humpsNbump on 4:33:00 PM said...

LittleMissFabulous -

That mamaluv delivery service sounds like I great idea. I will definitely look into that. Thanks for the advice.

C on 11:39:00 PM said...

That sucks. I had pregnancy carpal tunnel too. Not fun.

Good news is that you look and sound like you're doing amazingly! I was wowed at how radiant you were when you visited the baby and me the other week! You are gorgeous, sista!

P.S. Word ver = punts

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