December 9, 2008


I feel like crap today.

To be honest, it probably has very little to do with the baby but I just wanted to share that I feel like crap.

Rant 1: I woke up today with what it think is the start of a cold. My throat is itchy, my eyes are watering, and I just wish that I could have stayed home.

Rant 2: My first meeting of the day was stupid. One of those kinds of meetings where you spend an hour looking at a table of results and talking at nausem. How did we do against last month, and last year? What’s up and down? Most of the conversation was circular. There goes an hour that I will never get back again.

Rant 3: Then I found out that the presentation that I am giving to the senior management team tomorrow is CORRUPTED, AGAIN. When the file originally corrupted on Friday our IT Team could don’t anything about it. I spent the weekend redoing it and saved it as two separate files. Even though it was fine on Monday, it’s now CORRUPTED, AGAIN. If I have to redo this presentation again tonight for tomorrow I will freak out.

Rant 4: I am so tired right now, I just want to go home, crawl into my bed and hid under the covers. Wake me up when I have to deliver this baby.

I feel like crap.


darkfairymomma on 8:47:00 PM said...

*sends you virtual chicken soup, tea with honey, and a computer geek to fix your presentation* hope you feel better soon

humpsNbump on 12:29:00 PM said...


This might have been the best comment that I ever received. Thanks so much!

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