December 18, 2008

It's a... BABY (New Picture For Ya!)

So we had the ultrasound last week. I was really meaning to post the latest picture but for reasons that I mentioned on this blog earlier - cold and carpel tunnel - I haven't really had a chance. To spare my wrist any more abuse I am giving you the Coles Notes information:

1. The baby was so damn adorable during the ultrasound. The cutest little head and face (atleast what I could make out). Even waving little arms at the camera... I think I may be raising a celebrity, or politician. The picture shows a profile of the baby's head, neck and upper body.

2. Despite deciding the evening before that I would find out the sex of the baby but keep it a secret, we couldn't. The baby wasn't in the right position and was being really shy about the whole thing. So we don't know what we're having. :)

Here's the pic... enjoy!


verygoodyear on 4:35:00 PM said...

Awwwh, I love ultrasound pics! And it's pretty amazing how clear they are these days. Baby looks wonderful, I hope you hear back that everything looks to be measuring perfectly :]

Maia didn't want to cooperate during the ultrasound to reveal her gender either, but after the technician prodded at her for a good five minutes she finally uncrossed her legs and gave us a serious look at the goods ;) I would be going crazy not knowing!!

verygoodyear on 8:06:00 PM said...

Ohh, and while it's on my mind, you should drop by and email Michelle asking to be added to the list of expectant bloggers :]

MBB Founder and Editor Denene Millner on 10:25:00 AM said...

Aw! A star for sure! Too cute!

darkfairymomma on 7:25:00 PM said...

Awww, the little one's a cutie. Maybe, baby knew that you guys didn't want to know yet so it's still a secret!

Damselfly on 9:57:00 PM said...

Aw, that baby looks CUTE!

Thanks for stopping by my blog. :)

C on 11:36:00 PM said...

I think your little one is absolutely adorable! Check out that cute little nose!

I used to carry Little One's ultrasound pics with me (I had a zillion of them since I had so many ultrasounds with her being a high risk pregnancy). I'd show her ultrasound pics to everyone and anyone who was willing to see them! LOL!

humpsNbump on 10:34:00 AM said...

Thanks so much for your comments everyone on the little one's picture. I absolutely show any and everyone I can - friends, coworkers, strangers. "Please just indulge me!"

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