November 11, 2008

Tribute to the "While I Still Can" Wardrobe

The fact that my pregnancy so far has been pretty uneventful – read no projectile vomiting or complications – is truly a blessing. What may be even more of a gift from God is that after 17 weeks, I’m still fitting into my typical clothes.

So far I have only had to retire a pair of high-waisted, skinny jeans that were so tight before I got knocked up that I thought they may cut the circulation to my developing baby. (I’m so darn maternal!)

Knowing that I will only be able to squeeze myself into these clothes for a couple of weeks, at most, I have decided to cherish my last moments with these pieces until it’s time to say goodbye. I affectionately call these things the “While I Still Can” Wardrobe. So while I still can, I will be rocking the hell out of:
- my fitted blazers
- my button down dress shirts
- my pencil skirts
- my fitted dresses
- my sky high heels
- my leather boots that only see the walk from parking lot to office

Every morning while I am getting ready to face the world, I say a few words to the “While I Still Can” Wardrobe. “We have been through a lot together, and thanks for sticking in there with me for one more day. We can do this!” Unless I get adopted as the real woman spokesperson for some fabulous maternity line (call me!) these well loved items will be a distant memory. When I think about the baby something tells me that I won’t care, one bit…


verygoodyear on 2:33:00 PM said...

Hehee, I remember folding my laundry and making a pile of what I called the "maybe I'll see you again next summer" clothes. These days I hang out in my husband's t-shirts and my favourite pj pants!

humpsNbump on 3:20:00 PM said...

I'm already taken some of daddy-to-be's sweatshirts and t-shirts for a little later on. It's gonna be one of those winters...

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