November 12, 2008

Give me a bucket, I'll do this myself.

As I write this post, I am on hold with another doctor’s office. Yes ladies and gentlemen, I am undergoing maybe one of the most painful procedures so far in my pregnancy – finding an OB/GYN.

How could I have come this far you ask when the pregnancy bible “What To Expect… “ expects you to start reading that book and interviewing doctors way before the baby is conceived? Who does that! Am I crazy here?!

I have been religious about my doctor’s appointments but so far only going to my general practitioner. I love my doctor, think he is doing a great job, and somewhere in the bottom of my heart thought that I could talk him into delivering my baby. (Not sure if I’m ready for a stranger to be that intimate with my va-ja-ja.) No such luck.

And up to this point doc has been pretty easy going about the OB thing. This is the easy going-ness that I have come to appreciate it. I am going in for regular visits every three weeks. I am up to date on my tests. He has left the choice of OB/GYN and hospital up to me, because he knows that I will research the hell out of it. The plan was to continue semi-regular appointments even when I have my other doctor, which didn’t seem to be a big rush.

Not until yesterday…

I went in for my appointment yesterday and wanted to get his opinion on some local hospitals. To my surprise he did a bit of a freak out. Seemingly astonished that I still haven’t secured the coveted OB/GYN, he remarks that I may have run out of time. What?! There is a good chance that I won’t be able to find a doctor that is available for my April due date.

You’ve got to be f@#king kidding me. Why did you not tell me this before? Three weeks ago, six weeks ago? Now I’m having full body convulsions. I settled on the hospital and have been cold calling associated doctors all day. One by one by one, the rejection is slapping me in the face. I have the receptionists laughing at me. “April? Oh no. We’re booking July deliveries now.” You realize that is almost nine months from now. So I really should have put down the stick with the double line and called you. Is that what you’re saying to me? Am I the only one that needs some time? Who do I have to call to have a baby around here??

To make matters worse, one office of the ten that I spoke with may be able to swing having me as a patient. My appointment with them is the end of December! And I am reading the worst online reviews from this doctor. No wonder.

This could be going downhill fast.


verygoodyear on 4:38:00 PM said...

Ohh man, yeah, it's painful to try and find a doctor. When my husband & I found out I was pregnant, we made the decision to use a midwife rather than an OB-GYN. This was in June. Chris called the Mississauga Midwives association, and they were booked through March. Horrible. So we started looking for an OB-GYN, except I had to find a family doctor first, and it was becoming like pulling my own teeth to find one of THOSE even.

Finally, Chris called the Hamilton Midwives (a friend from work had used their services): they were super-helpful and willing to take me on as a client. So, we made the decision to move into their service area as soon as possible.

I know that might not be a possibility for you, but remember, if you're young & healthy, a midwife may be just what you're looking for and may also be easier to find. You do not have to do a homebirth just because you're using a midwife (I sure as hell don't plan to) and their services are generally free because the province pays them. That said, the Mississauga midwives wanted a $3000 deposit that they'd refund if I had a problem-free pregnancy and birth... bitches.

This comment got longer than I intended it to, but good luck! I know this is a stressful thing for you to deal with right now, and maybe if it gets to be too much your babydaddy can make those phone calls instead. Remember, your health and happiness come first!

darkfairymomma on 9:36:00 PM said...

Wow, I'm in the States so maybe it goes a little differently. But, anywho, the first thing I did when I found out I was preggo was look for an OB (although I lucked out and was able to get a midwife within that practice). I hope something works out for you because the last thing you need is stress when you're already hormonal.

humpsNbump on 4:02:00 PM said...

VeryGoodYear -

Thanks so much for your comment and helpful advice. It never really occurred to me to look into midwife services since I wasn't planning on a homebirth. But you make a great point. I may have to do some research.

I realize that my post yesterday was perhaps the biggest freak-out so far on this blog. (Blaming that one on the hormones). The truth is that I'm in a really great position. I still have a doctor that I love, who is very knowledgeable and is giving the baby and I great care. I'm really fortunate. I'll be talking with my doctor about some options soon. Worst case - I'll just show up at the hospital when my water breaks! They'll have to take me then!! LOL

humpsNbump on 4:05:00 PM said...

DarkFairyMomma -

You're right - the last thing I need is the stress. I've come to realize that everything will work out. Still kicking myself for waiting this long, but whatcha gonna do now. LOL

It sounds like the midwife is the thing to do. :)

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