November 10, 2008

Doing the Two-Step in My Tummy

I am now just over 17 weeks, which according to the fruit-size comparisons that seems to thrive on baby websites throughout cyberspace – my “fruit” in the oven is the size of a large pear. There are two critical achievements of the large pear that is occurring now. I am excited!

1. Quickening: According to the websites that I obsess over (see sidebar to the left) it’s around this time that moms-to-be start feeling the rumblings in her tummy. The baby’s movement. I’ve heard that it feels like fluttering, or wings. I also heard that I will know it when it happens.

Have I felt anything yet? No. Well, I don’t know. I have been paying really close attention to the tummy. I have felt lots of things that I can’t guarantee was not gas. Forgive me, but I’m new to this whole having a baby thing! As much as I am looking forward to feeling the baby move, I don’t want to rush it. In a few months I may be wishing that baby wasn’t tap dancing on my bladder and kicking a field goal first thing in the morning. All in due time…

2. Hearing: In the next few weeks baby will be able to hear outside of the tummy voices, and if we’re lucky respond to music. I was reminded of this when I went to visit a fellow blogging mom-to-be (shout out to ‘chancesmommy’). While her bun in the oven is ten weeks ahead of mine, the little one was responding to the Classical music that she played to her tummy with headphones.

The headphones and stacks of CDs got me thinking about all the other playlists I can put together to break up the Mozart monotony. Maybe we throw in a little Luther Vandross, or Cold Play?! What about some Bob Marley and New Kids On The Block, or some Euro House from Tricky? Definitely some Barbara Streisand and Frank Sinatra. No playlist of mine would be complete without a little Beyonce. That will surely get this baby moving in no time.

Only more baby fun to come!


Anonymous said...

Oh man, the first time your baby moves and you know it's the baby... is just an amazing experience. My mom described it as a "muscle twitch" sort of sensation, and that same day I felt Maia move, and KNEW it was her.

*hugs* This is such a great time in the pregnancy, and it gets even better from here on out! Keep us updated :]

humpsNbump on 12:40:00 PM said...

Thanks so much for your comment VeryGood. I really can't wait until the little one starts to make his/her presence known. I'm still shocked everyday that there's a baby growing inside of me. :)

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