September 23, 2008

Killer Animation

As you know, I am always on a quest for new information on this whole pregnancy and parenthood thing.

Last night, I happen to spend a bit of time on browsing pregnancy articles. I happen to come across their series of animated videos. I watched the four short videos on fetal development, amniocentesis, C-section, delivery and the epidural.

I wasn't ready for that.

Although they are animations versus the real life thing - something you would probably see in a grade 7 sex ed class or something, it was freaking scary in a "you want me to do that!" kinda way. While this is not new information, and certainly I understand where babies come from and all, it's a completely different story when you and your body are the subject.

Blogger wasn't cooperating. Unfortunately I wasn't able to embed the video. But please visit the lnk and watch the video. Tell me if I'm nutts. Am I the only one thinking you're gonna do that to make that come out of down there? Kinda like my va ja ja the way she is.


MrsJennaHatfield on 11:13:00 AM said...

I encourage you to look up photos and stories on Birth Story Diaries. Good and bad abound. Of note: not animation and totally not safe for work.

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