September 29, 2008

Beat of Baby’s Own Drum

Last week Thursday was my first pre-natal appointment with my family doctor. And guess what boys and girls – we heard the baby’s heartbeat!! It’s actually feeling real. Like there’s really a little person growing inside of me.

The interesting story though was my baby’s ability to overcome odds. I am such a proud parent. Here’s the setup: The doctor trying his best to manage my expectations on whole heartbeat thing.

Doctor: “So it looks like you’re about 10 weeks and 5 days. I’m going to try to hear the baby’s heartbeat but I’ve never heard it in a baby that young. I had a patient here earlier that was further along than you were and we didn’t find the heartbeat.”

Me: Blank look. “But you will try right?”

Doctor: “Of course! I just don’t want you to be disappointed. The baby just developed the heart about a week ago. And the baby is so small. It will be hard to find.”

Me: Blank look. “Are we going to do this now or later?”

As I laid there with the gooey stuff on my “baby holding area” I started my prepared motivational speech to the little one. I actually prepared said speech while ignoring the doctor’s cautionary thoughts. Willing the baby on in true soccer mom form I began my internal mom-to-baby motivation. “This is your time baby. Show this guy what you can do!”

Through all the muffles and that’s-not-it’s was a fast little baby heartbeat! I was and am so excited. There’s a baby in there.

P.S. This Friday will be my first ultrasound appointment. Baby and I are resting up for that performance.


verygoodyear on 10:15:00 PM said...

Hearing my baby's heartbeat for the first time was AMAZING... so happy that your baby "performed" for you! I'm surprised that you are getting an ultrasound this early -- is there any particular reason (like health concerns) or are you gonna do it just because you can? I don't have OHIP yet so "extra" ultrasounds cost me $$ ;)

MrsJennaHatfield on 10:27:00 PM said...

We heard BigBrother at 9w4d. I was still very thin then, lol, so he was easy to find.

I actually still have the recording of that on the downstairs computer. I like to listen to it from time to time. :)

darkfairymomma on 10:51:00 PM said...

Congrats to you! I heard The Diva's at 8 weeks and I just knew she'd make herself heard, even at that young age. And she still makes herself heard over her brother and sister now *lol*

C on 11:16:00 PM said...

Woooo hoooo!!! That is awesome! Isn't it the best feeling?? Just wait until a few more weeks when the baby's heart is even stronger! It sounds like horses galloping!!!

Ultrasounds are so much fun too! I've had 5 so far (and I'm in week 22). They don't normally give so many, but I've had some concerns. Yeah, I'm a super paranoid mama. The doc I saw in week 16 wasn't my normal doc and when she couldn't locate the baby's heartbeat, she sent me for an emergency ultrasound.

Sure enough, as soon as the attending doc at the emergency room placed the ultrasound wand on my tummy, there was "Junior" being all active and busy! *Phew* What a scare!

Plus, we discovered my placenta was low lying and there were other worries. Apparently I was worried for nothing though, because some of the things I went through early on are considered "normal".

So excited for you and can't wait to hear about your first ultrasound!!! :)

C on 11:23:00 PM said...

P.S. I heard "Junior's" heartbeat for the first time at week 13. It was hard to locate it before that because of my placenta (not only was it low lying, but it is also anterior).

We did see the heart beating in our first ultrasound at 8w3d and it was 178 bpm. Our last prenatal visit at 21w2d it went down to 144 bpm.

humpsNbump on 10:35:00 AM said...

Verygood - Thanks so much for the comment. My doctor suggested that I go in for a "routine 12 week" ultrasound. He did mention though the province is now trying to limit the number of ultrasounds during pregnancy to one, maybe two. I really don't see this being the only one. (For the record, if I don't get an ultraound to atleast TRY to determine the sex of the baby someone will pay!) :)

Also, I have twins in my family so I wanted to assess if I was carrying multiples sooner than later so that may be why I'm fairly early. I'll let you know how it goes.

humpsNbump on 10:39:00 AM said...

Thanks for the comments everyone. Jenna, Fairy, C - so great that you heard/saw your baby's heart beat early in your pregnancy.

Til this point the only reassurance that I've had was positive tests and minimal pregnany symptoms. Great to hear that there is actually a little person growing in there.

C on 10:54:00 PM said...

My sister-in-law mentioned something about many women only getting two ultrasounds during their pregnancy. She's due two weeks after I am. I've had 5 ultrasounds so far and I think the doc mentioned I'd have 3 or so more. Early on, they had some concerns about my placenta (among other things...I have been diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes). I guess that's why they are being so vigilant. My SIL gets just as many ultrasounds for this pregnancy because she's carrying twins. I think she only had 2 ultrasounds with her first pregnancy (my nephew is now 19 months old).

Isn't it amazing knowing that you've got a little person growing inside you? It's still so very surreal at times!

All the best! XO

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