September 1, 2008

The Forbidden

Why is it that when you’re told you can’t do something, you want to do it even more. Is this some kind of human instinct?!

The other day I was explaining to the BF that there’s a long list of things us pregnant women can’t do to help protect our unborn babies. It’s a virtue. I certainly don’t want to take a risk on the health of my child. But I have developed an obsession for the following things on the forbidden list that taunt me on a daily basis:

- Sushi (number one on the list and I would kill for some tuna sashimi right now)
- Cold cuts (nothing hits the spot like a turkey sub and cold iced tea)
- Soft cheeses (the smellier the better)
- Fresh Mayo with raw eggs (can’t resist the most delicious of condiments)
- Hot tubs and saunas (no need to explain why I love them but I guess the heat isn’t good for baby).
- Alcohol (no more indulging on the wine like I used to)
- Cigarettes (not that I smoke now but with all this stress I can use a puff)

The BF had no idea that carrying his child would mean such self-sacrifice so I had to let him know. We concluded that it was better me than him that had to carry this baby and remember to stay away from the bad stuff. He pointed out a great positive, “Look on the bright side. Atleast you’re be able to park in those close mommy-to-be parking spots.” Absolutely! That’s why I love him.


Anonymous said...

Oh god, I miss sushi so much. But one of my faves, futomaki, has only cooked crabmeat, so at least there's that!

Also, soft cheeses are okay, it's soft UNPASTEURIZED cheeses (or anything) that are not. Once I cleared that up with my midwife, life was worth living again ;)

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