November 9, 2009

A Lifetime of Yelling, "Don't Touch That!"

There is a critical point in the development of a young child where you can't just put 'em down and expect them to be there when you turn around. Trust me - I know. That point in my home was a few weeks ago.

Until recently I have been living in what I now know is a big ol' parenting delusion - complete with feelings that I had everything under control. I know now that until you are trying to keep up with a curious, moving, wanting to put everything in her mouth when you're not looking baby, life is easy. Hell, all you really needed to do was keep that kid fed, changed and entertained. All of which increases in complexity as the months go on.

And although I can and very shortly will do a bit of baby proofing in our condo, I'm much more worried about the things / places / people that we run into outside of the home. Worried as in full fledged anxiety. I'm sure that for many years to come I will feel this high level of anxiety that BABY is gonna get her little curious ass into something, fall into something, or hurt herself against something.

So I would like to warn everyone, that if BABY and I happen to be visiting you, out to lunch with you, having you over at our place, attending an event with you - basically anything, anywhere, with anyone - please don't be alarmed by the look of terror that I have on my face when I see these:

- a glass table
- a sharp corner
- a steaming hot beverage perched on an edge
- an open toilet seat
- a large vase placed on the floor
- (any sized) vase on any surface
- marbles, pebbles or other chocking hazards
- knives
- place settings
- electrical outlets
- stacks of newpaper
- any paper that you don't want a baby to eat
- stoves
- electrical wires
- open windows
- open doors
- pretty much anything and everything

It's a scary new world. Excuse me while I go after my baby. "DON'T TOUCH THAT!!"

~ humps


C on 10:01:00 PM said...

Oh, I can totally relate!

You know what's interesting? A girlfriend of mine has a little one who is all over the place too. She touches everything and tries to get her hands on things that mommy doesn't want her to. My friend amazed me the other day as I watched as she "parented" her daughter. Instead of saying, "NO! Don't touch that!" or "NO! Dont' do that!" she said, "(Baby's name), no thank you." And it was the tone of her voice that seemed so sweet yet firm. I thought, "Man! I need to try that sometime!" I love the way she interacts with her daughter!

Nikki @ Blasian Baby on 6:04:00 AM said...

LMAO, girl it's just starting. Wait till baby can grab something and then run away. Then "dont touch that" turns into "come back here". ;)

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