June 17, 2009

The Lost Post

Yesterday, I felt inspired. I took some time out while reading my emails on someone else's computer to write a blog post. It was written in a word program so that I wouldn't use up much more of the already slow internet connection.

I wandered away from the computer to check on Baby, when the thing decided to restart itself. With no auto save, my blog post was gone. Lost. Forever.

I assure you that it was a great post. Reflective and honest. Full of wit. I spoke of my past and looked ahead at my future. You would have loved that post. And I know that if I try to rewrite it, it just won't be the same.

So instead I would like to dedicate this space to all the lost blog posts, short stories, reports, speeches, anything written anywhere that due to technical malfunctions were lost. Those written masterpieces that left us before their time. Before they were able to be truly loved, honored and appreciated. Please feel free to comment about your experiences as well. That way they may live on.

In mourning,
~ humps


C on 5:39:00 PM said...

Gah! I hate when that happens. You're right about rewriting it...It's never the same. The "thing" that makes it special disappears when you have to rewrite it. :)

I was thinking of you and Baby on the weekend. We were supposed to be down in the T dot for the preemie picnic, but didn't end up making it :( I guess I'm just gonna have to mail Baby's present to you instead. I wanted to give it in person though! Boooooooooooooo!


Justice Jonesie on 10:54:00 AM said...

I hate when that happens!! Sometimes I write down topics for a great post then I lose the little piece of paper I wrote my notes down on. Post is lost forever.

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