December 4, 2008

For future reference...

I had to steal this picture of Angelina and Brad from another blog that I read earlier today. Angelina was days before giving birth to her twins, walking the red carpet. As fabulous and skinny as Angie is ALL THE TIME, she is huge in this picture. She, like many mothers before me was forced to wear the dress/mu-mu/tent. And she's Angie. I'm sure designers were throwing their creations at her.

So I am saving this picture on my blog. When I feel like I'm drowning in my ever expanding humps and bump, I will refer back to this picture. If Angie, in all of her celebrity fab-ness can do it, on the red carpet, knowing that there will be eyes on her and future photo evidence, I can too.


Anonymous said...

great post!! I saw that picture before and its one of the things that remind me that beauty is beauty. I love when pregnant women show of the fact that a life inside of you does not change your beauty.

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