November 24, 2008


I am having a baby. Yeah, I know that I'm saying the obvious here but I just wanted to write it in print. I. Am. Having. A. Baby.

There are times in my day when I almost forget. I am lost in returning emails, writing recommendations at work, addressing issues, even when I'm not really that preoccupied at all but my mind is wandering. I just like when you remember that you’re all out of toilet paper, or you might have left the radio on at home, or you haven’t paid your visa bill, it pops into my head. I’m having a baby! I almost forget there’s a baby growing inside of me.

And I don’t want you to assume that I don’t think about this little one so much. I do. But in addition to all of the planning and preparation, list making and information absorbing that my mind is doing to get ready for this little miracle, I have to say to myself throughout the day – I’m having a baby. I still can’t believe that this isn’t a dream.



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