August 29, 2008

Two lines on a stick

The first post in this blog and what can I say. I’m having a baby.

This information is so new that only two living souls know the dirt - my BF and BFF - and I’m still trying to digest it myself. There are so many things that before now I didn’t know that I KNEW to be concerned about for still tadpole like creation, my shocked into a waking coma BF and scared to death me. According to my calculations I am 4, maybe 5 weeks prego and two weeks terrified.

And what do I do under extreme stress situations? Research! It’s the Capricorn in me. In the course of the last 2 weeks my internet search engine has been on fire. Things that I NEED TO KNOW:
- Ovulation calendars
- Home pregnancy tests
- Pregnancy symptoms
- Exercising while pregnant
- What to eat and not to eat
- Prenatal vitamins
- Health concerns
- What’s happening in first trimester
- Gaining weight
- First doctor’s visit
- Things you need for baby
- Nursery and baby shower designs
- Stroller reviews
- Crib reviews
- Maternity clothes
- Telling friends, family, work!

Premature research, maybe. Necessary information, absolutely.

So continue to read this blog. I promise to be open, honest, to say the things that maybe you were thinking, and share my almost minute-by-minute revelations. I am 25 years old, in love but unmarried and having a baby! OMG!!!


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